The Next Big Thing in Youth Advertisement.

We offer a Long Term and Unique solution for companies and ventures to do effective targeted marketing among youth.

We help you reach your Customers.

Our product 'Banana Notebooks' provides a unique and new platform wherein you can put your advertisements on various locations in our notebooks thus providing you with a very appropriate audience of your target group.

Notebooks sold to
College Students

Targeting the desired audience
ensuring rigorous endorsement.

Notebooks have shelf life
of 6 Months.

Phenomenal brand retention and publicity.

Notebooks flipped several
times a Day.

Low cost per view and amazing grasping.

Our clients

We every single one.

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Branding is not only about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but to get your prospects to see you as the only one solution provider. We give you that edge by constantly hitting the target eyeballs.


Banana Media helps you make the most of your advertising by showing how well your display ads work. Find out how many customers you're attracting and how users are engaging with your ad, to get the complete picture and improve your advertising performance.

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.
You know what you are doing but nobody else does.

Steuart Henderson Britt, Marketing Management and Administrative Action

Awesome team = Awesome work

We are a team of highly enthusiastic IIT students eager to explore new ventures.

Shubam GuptaIIT Delhi

Currently a third year undergraduate student at IIT Delhi pursuing Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering. Has worked in a startup named Vedantu Innovation and was publicity Activity Head of Rendezvous’13 (Annual cultural festival), IIT Delhi.

Supreet SinghIIT Bombay

Currently a third year undergraduate student at IIT Bombay pursuing B Tech in Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science. Worked as Marketing and Media convener of the Music Club of IIT Bombay. Also worked as a coordinator in Media and Marketing team of Techfest(Annual Technical Festival), IIT Bombay.

Vikas GargIIT Delhi

Currently a third year undergraduate student at IIT Delhi pursuing B Tech in Textile Technology. He is a gadget loving freak with weird sense of humor. He has also worked in Vedantu Innovations and is Event Coordinator of Rendezvous’14.

Vishishth(Tryst), 3rd PositionIIT Delhi

Tryst offers a platform where thoughts meet practice, creation meets execution and ideas meet reality. Competitions and Events across various departments offer a chance for the students to ravage their minds with industrial level problems and win exciting prizes.

Innovision, 2nd PositionNSIT Delhi

Innovision 2014, annual Techno-management Festivalof NSIT, brings you just the right pedestal to showcase your mettle in their 2014 amalgamation of Technology and Management. From phenomenal Coding to stunning robotic designs to some kickass Robo-wars, Innovision 2014 promises to be one of its kind experience. Innovision 2014 will be an arena for fiery competitions. With amazing workshops and cutting edge technology on display, it is a chance one simply cannot resist and hence should not miss.

Xenia, 2nd PositionISBF, Delhi

The annual cultural fest of the Indian School of Business & Finance.Businesses, small and large, are the major contributors to the country's economy. Strategeo is the platform provided by ISBF in the form of an event for young potential entrepreneurs to come forward with a business proposal. A sound plan will be profitable and realistic, with the perfect mixture of competitiveness and social responsibility, the essence of a successful organisation of the 21st Century.

Atharva, 1st PositionDelhi School of Economics

MIB, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics presents "Atharva". One of its kind B- School event which has several sub-events.

Zenith, 1st PositionMiranda House, IIT Delhi

Zenith is the annual festival of Arthashastra, Economics Society of Miranda House . With a plethora of competitions bearing economic themes, Zenith strives to help you transform and apply economic principles from textbooks in real life. With increasing participation year by year, Zenith has now become one of the largest economic fests and is among the most popular fests in Delhi University.

Bizplan-Sattva, 2nd PositionNMIMS, Mumbai

The Annual Festival of SVKM's NMIMS's Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Here at Sattva, we aim to give the best platform to the talented and encourage them and with a determined approach of believing in change and out casting the stigma of impurity from the society. Besides the fun filled activities, it also helps enhancing the personality of students in the best possible way. Spreading over a span of three days, it is filled with various events and learning workshops encompassing various fields like Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Management and Sports.


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ZebronicsLargest range of peripherals

Zebronics has become familiar for Excellence, Quality & Reliability throughout its large range of peripherals , touching people's lives in one positive way or other.
We offer a product line which is often symbolised for their Value for money characteristics, backed by great product designs & performance, incidentally covering nearly the entire PC Component spectrum.

Neoconcept Enterprises

Neoconcept Enterprises is a leading system integrator of plants and complete processing lines of food processing units. During its existence around a decade, the name Neoconcept Enterprises embodies an entrepreneurial journey that has spanned both 'old' and 'new' economics to explore the new world of emerging technologies.

Rama Vision

We have a frame for every face. Visit us for contact lenses, spectacles, sunglasses, crizal lenses, ultra thin, anti-reflective, polarized and transition lenses. Now also avail a 20% discount on student i-cards.

Career LauncherEmpowering Minds, Creating Opportunities

Career Launcher India Limited (CL) is Asia’s leading education service provider with presence in over 130 locations across India, Middle East and the United States. CL provides test-prep education to enable school and college students gain admission to professional courses. It is also actively involved in the field of mainstream education, mainly through its growing network of play schools and secondary schools.

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